The BioFloor® system is engineered to last longer than conventional pharmaceutical flooring options.


The BioFloor® resinous flooring system is ideal for all pharmaceutical environments and is FDA and GMP compliant. This polyurethane matrix system is anti-microbial, free of cracks and crevices that harbor dirt, making the floors easy to clean and decontaminate. Every Cornerstone flooring system offers a durable, skid-resistant surface that holds up to heavy machinery, high traffic, and dust.

TheBioFloor® system is engineered to last longer than conventional pharmaceutical flooring options. Our slurry matrix polyurethane is more than a finish or a product. It’s an aesthetically pleasing flooring system engineered for versatility and functionality.

What makes Cornerstone different?

At Cornerstone, we understand regulatory requirements and work with our clients to develop custom flooring standards. Cornerstone flooring systems require less maintenance and are engineered to last longer than conventional flooring. The longevity of a well-maintained Cornerstone flooring system is regarded as a capital expenditure, allowing your company to depreciate the asset over the floor’s lifetime. We hold ourselves, and our floors, to a higher standard.

On the LEEDing Edge

Cornerstone Flooring is a member of the US Green Building Council. We are LEED Green Certified and can help you with your LEED project.

Technical data:

  • Anti-Microbial (Independent 3rd Party study available, on request.)
  • Quick, low-odor installation
  • Seamless surface
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Skid resistant
  • Restores deteriorated concrete
  • Low odor during installation

BioFloor® resinous flooring system options

  • 2160 – epoxy, coating, clear
  • 2400 – Chemical Resistant Urethane (optional) Note: Chemical Resistant Urethane is VOC compliant, however, during the curing process there is a strong organic solvent odor.
  • 2300 CR – polyurethane, coating
  • 3000 (HD)F – epoxy, heavy duty, decorative paint flake
  • 5000 (MM) – primer, moisture mitigating
  • 5000 MVT – application, moisture vapor transmission suppressing
  • 5000 (HD)F – 4.76 mm heavy duty paint flake polyurethane flooring system
  • 5000 SB – 6.35 mm slurry polyurethane floor system with top coat