Food & Beverage Production Facility

Customer: An International Food and Beverage Production Company
Location: Colorado
Application: 6.35 mm slurry polyurethane floor system with topcoat

Product: FoodFloor®

Benefits Provided:

  • Compliancy with USDA/FDA regulations
  • Anti-microbial engineered
  • Withstands thermal cycling of -50°F to 250°F
  • No ponding or water stagnation
  • Skid and Abrasion resistant


Pre-installation Evaluation:

The production facility needed an existing epoxy floor that was failing in areas to be removed and replaced during the production line’s normal downtime of Friday night to Monday morning.

Project Challenge:

The two major challenges facing the Cornerstone installers during this project were the large mixing tanks sitting just above floor level and the time constraints dictated by the production line’s operational schedule.

Cornerstone Solution and Process:

Removing the existing epoxy floor from underneath the two large tanks provided a challenge seen in similar manufacturing plants. Due to the low clearance afforded by the mixing drums, it was necessary for the Cornerstone installation team to preform all work in this area manually, ensuring proper removal and a complete and even application of the finished flooring system.

After removal of the existing epoxy floor, the Cornerstone team prepared the concrete substrate through mechanical preparation utilizing HEPA filtration and manual grinding below the mixing tanks until an appropriate profile was evident.

The installation crew then primed the floor and prepared the slurry mixture for application. Again, much consideration was given for the area underneath the tanks and their fixtures connected beneath the subfloor. Cornerstone’s installers ensured that these exposed fixtures were properly sealed to guard against possible contamination below the flooring system.

After multiple layers of the slurry matrix were applied, the chosen aggregate was broadcast until the client’s desired look was achieved. Cornerstone’s installers added several topcoats to finish the new flooring system. Even with the demanding time constraints, Cornerstone’s installers were able to cure the floor properly before it received a thermal shock and the production line was brought back online Monday morning.

Finished Project

Working on a 24-hour schedule throughout the weekend allowed the Cornerstone installation team to remove the preexisting floor—while taking into careful consideration the issues surrounding the mixing tanks and their subflooring fixtures— and prep, install, and cure the new Food/Bev Flooring System in a time period that caused no lost production to the client. This particular flooring system is over 10-years-old and is still in use today.