Aerospace Storage Facility


Customer: An International Private Jet and Storage Company
Location: Florida
Application: Moisture mitigating primer 1/4” thick heavy duty hybrid polyurethane slurry matrix resinous flooring system, UV Stability, light reflection and chemical resistant top coats

Product: AeroFloor®

Benefits Provided:

  • Moisture mitigation
  • Anti-microbial engineered
  • Withstands thermal cycling of -50°F to 250°F
  • Chemical resistant
  • Skid and Abrasion resistant

Pre-installation Evaluation:

The existing floor had failed throughout the 30,000 sq. ft. main hanger, as well as the two 18,000 sq. ft. ancillary hangers, and an independent consultant determined that Cornerstone’s flooring systems would serve as the best solution to their immediate and long-term flooring needs.

Project Challenge:

The major challenges facing the installation team were moisture corruption of the existing flooring causing failure throughout the facilities, and the hangers had to remain in operation throughout demolition and installation of the new flooring system.

Cornerstone Solution and Process:

The Cornerstone installation team first removed several layers of failed epoxy flooring products spread by other flooring companies. The substrate was then properly leveled and treated with a Cornerstone’s moisture mitigation system to prevent future deterioration.

With a moisture barrier in place, the installation team primed the floor and prepared the slurry matrix for application. After multiple layers of the slurry matrix were applied, several coats of non-porous trowel matrix were added. The flooring system was finished with a top coat of urethane to guard against hydraulic fluid decomposition, and flake flooring pantones were added to match the company’s colors.

Finished Project

The finished Cornerstone AeroFloor® not only remedied the clients moisture infiltration issues, but provided a finished product that guards against deterioration from both natural and chemical agents. The flooring system included UV stability and light reflection to save energy and maintenance expenses. This flooring system is over seven years old and has had no service issues.