Study Highlights Need for Safe Flooring Solutions

Indianapolis, December 13, 2012

Recent studies show that consumer concern over the safety of the nation’s food supply remains high and spikes considerably with every product recall or outbreak. According to a new report from the Chicago-based market research firm The NPD Group 75% of American adults surveyed are concerned about the safety of the U.S. food supply, an increase in concern levels from just two years ago. The survey is done as part of The NPD Group’s regular Food Safety Monitor and polled adults between January and August of 2012. It found that consumer concern over food safety was relatively constant but spiked noticeably with each major safety scare. That included several recent high-profile outbreaks of listeria and salmonella in products nationwide.

The findings highlight an important fact for food and beverage manufacturers: contamination and outbreak must be eliminated to maintain consumer trust and peace of mind. And this focus on the safety of consumers literally starts from the ground up. Food processing facilities need to choose a flooring solution that can protect against bacteria and is easy to clean and maintain. Regular flooring surfaces can harbor bacteria like salmonella and listeria and just a small amount on a food production line can create a massive recall that leads to lost profits and lost consumer confidence in the brand.

Cornerstone’s seamless resinous flooring can mitigate these dangers and provide a new level of safety in a company’s food and beverage production process. Our FoodFloor® is a polyurethane matrix system specially engineered to resist bacteria, mold, fungi and algae. It is anti-microbial while also meeting FDA and USDA standards. It is also chemical, impact and skid resistant and easy to clean.

Recently Cornerstone was asked to install the FoodFloor® system in an infant nutrition production facility for Skjodt-Barrett Foods. Due to the nature of the product the plant could not suffer any contamination and needed a long-lasting flooring system to help. Cornerstone installed a food safe polyurethane system that meets industry regulations and can hold up against a 24-hour production facility schedule.

Consumers are taking notice of food safety with everything they buy. A recall due to contamination can spell disaster for a brand but it can be prevented with proper facility features. Starting with a Cornerstone resinous flooring system is a great way to help keep a production facility efficient and food-safe.