The OfficeFloor® resinous flooring system is ideal for all office environments including: office spaces, break rooms, general industrial, hallways and walkways, waiting areas, restrooms, and locker rooms. This epoxy resinous flooring system is hygienic, chemical resistant, and anti-static. Every Cornerstone flooring system offers a durable, skid-resistant surface that holds up to high traffic and dust.

The OfficeFloor® system is engineered to last longer than conventional office flooring options. Our epoxy resinous flooring system is more than a finish or a product. It’s an aesthetically pleasing flooring system engineered for versatility and functionality.

What makes Cornerstone different?

At Cornerstone, we understand regulatory requirements and work with our clients to develop custom flooring standards. Cornerstone flooring systems require less maintenance and are engineered to last longer than conventional flooring. The longevity of a well-maintained Cornerstone flooring system is regarded as a capital expenditure, allowing your company to depreciate the asset over the floor’s lifetime. We hold ourselves, and our floors, to a higher standard.

On the LEEDing Edge

Cornerstone flooring systems are engineered with their environmental impact in mind. Through our growing Green Building initiative, we are continually developing new manufacturing processes that are environmentally responsible. Our products can help you achieve LEED Credits in both new and existing facilities.

Technical data:

  • Quick, low-odor installation
  • Seamless surface
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Skid resistant
  • Restores deteriorated concrete
  • Low odor during installation

For more information, and flooring system options, view our technical data sheets.

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