seamless durability

Cornerstone™ offers Seamless Durability® with flooring that lasts up to four times longer than any competitors product. From initial consultation to final implementation, we assure the highest level of consistency and expertise for every project.

We believe in our product and procedure and we provide a single source warranty to back up our commitment to excellence.

Our flooring systems require less maintenance and are engineered to stand the test of time in both industrial and commercial environments. A Cornerstone Flooring system is regarded as a capital expenditure, and can be deducted over the expected life of the item rather than all at once.

no subcontractors

To ensure quick communication and responsible installations, you’ll deal directly with our team of experts. At Cornerstone Flooring, you’ll never have to work with a third-party subcontractor.

high standards

From industry research and development innovations, to experience with leading Fortune 500® companies, Cornerstone Flooring is the nation’s largest single source manufacturer and installer of high-performance resinous flooring.

It’s our guiding principal to ensure the highest level of control, consistency, and customer satisfaction. A leader in industrial flooring & polymer flooring systems, our engineers can create custom flooring standards that line up with protocol for your industry.


Cornerstone Flooring systems are engineered with environmental impact in mind. Through our growing Green Building initiative, we are continually developing new responsible manufacturing processes. Our products can help you achieve LEED credits in both new and existing facilities.